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Educator's Comments

"Natural Curiosity partners with Learning for a Sustainable Future to host professional development institutes. Educators attend a 2 or 3-day institute which engages them in transformative learning practices to help bring environmental inquiry into their classrooms. Grade 7/8 Educator, Frances Dionne attended the Institute in July, 2015. Watch her testimonial here."

Testimonial from Frances Dionne, Grade 7/8 Educator, York Region District School Board from Natural Curiosity- Video Series.

"I attended the 2014 Natural Curiosity/LSF Summer Institute in Toronto. It was amazing to meet educators from around Ontario and the world! The facilitators were passionate and dedicated to making sure that participants experienced inquiry in action - with a constant feedback loop happening over the days of the conference and beyond! I left the Summer Institute energized and deeply committed to working to effect change in my community!"

"I loved how you walked the talk...I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the process because I was directly experiencing it at the institute."

"The 'Using Inquiry Learning to Build Community' institute was a wonderful introduction to inquiry-based, student-centered learning. Having an opportunity to see examples of how inquiry learning engages students and to practice techniques such as group Knowledge Building Circles, has provided me with the starting knowledge I need to begin implementing inquiry-based project learning in my secondary Environmental Science classroom."

"Before attending the institute, nobody has given or shared a clear definition of inquiry-based learning. I had been left with this ambiguous feeling, making it difficult to implement inquiry-based learning in my class for the past few years. After spending three days, I am more comfortable implementing inquiry-based learning while incorporating nature. Every educator who is interested in inquiry-based learning should experience this powerful and rich learning opportunity."

"The 3 days I spent using the professional inquiry approach were enlightening. I began to view inquiry-based learning from the perspective of the students. Inquiry requires a great deal of thinking, doing, reflecting and sharing. You have the opportunity to investigate ideas that you are interested in with others who share your interests and wonders. You feel safe, included and respected. You are all working together to figure things out."

"Over a 3 day period I was immersed in an inquiry process of my own. I was discovering individually what Inquiry meant to me as a teacher of young children. I shared my thoughts and listened to others. The facilitators were constantly renegotiating what they had in their plans to best meet our needs as our thoughts and questions led them in different directions than what they had planned on paper. It was truly an emergent program."