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Testimonials from Educators

Christian Island, Charity Caluori (Grade 7/8 Teacher)

Charity Caluori (Grade 7/8 Teacher), Christian Island

The Professional Development with Haley & Natural Curiosity was inspirational as her objective to "get students outside for the sake of going outside" was so motivating, I was immediately thinking of ways to take advantage of our environment here on Christian Island. Within weeks after the PD, my students and I engaged in a day-long hike where many opportunities stemming around environmental inquiry have piqued my students interest in protecting and exploring the habitat that surrounds them. I also found the Natural Curiosity text a helpful resource as it has many exemplars ranging across all grade levels and plenty of visuals. Miigewech, Haley!

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Inquiry Institute in Asuncion, Paraguay

Haley Higdon, Asunción, Paraguay

This summer Haley Higdon, the Program Lead for Natural Curiosity and Chriss Bogert, the Vice Principal at the Laboratory School were invited to visit Colegio Aletheia in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colegio del Sol in Asunción, Paraguay. They led workshops at both schools and facilitated a two-day Inquiry Institute for educators from schools across Asunción. These events were supported by Centro Paraguaya de Studio Canadienses and Red Solar.

Watch the video summary of the two-day Inquiry Institute in Paraguay.



Kristie Crowe, Nelson, BC

Kristie Crowe, Nelson, BC

The Inquiry Institute was amazing! The inquiry process was modeled through the facilitation of the two days. Some key learning pieces for me: inquiry supports the integration of curricular areas and the big ideas laid out by the BC Ed. Plan, inquiry begins with a provocation and is supported through knowledge building circles (KBCs) and place-consciousness can be supported and developed through the inquiry process.

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Frances Dionne (Grade 7/8 Teacher), York Region District School Board

Frances Dionne (Grade 7/8 Teacher), York Region District School Board

Watch Frances Dionne's testimonial after she attended our three-day Inquiry Institute.







Testimonials from other Educators

Making Authentic Inquiry Work

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