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In the News

Elizabeth Morley on the value of homework

Principal Elizabeth Morley argues that despite its bad reputation homework can be greatly beneficial to children and can achieve goals that cannot be reached in the classroom setting.

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All day Kindergarten

Pioneering school's parents are sold on merits of all-day kindergarten

The Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy is a kindergarten-only school that opened in September in an area of Toronto known for its high immigrant population. Fraser Mustard, named after a key advocate of early-childhood education, is one of the largest all-day kindergartens on the continent, and is considered a key test case in the effects of such programs.

The parents of four Fraser Mustard pupils spoke to The Globe about their children's experiences. Continue Reading...




All day Kindergarten

Thorncliff's all-day kindergarten school offers bright, purpose-built space for 700

Almost 700 children will line up outside the Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy for their first day of classes on Tuesday at one of Canada's largest all-kindergarten schools.

The 685 kindergarteners will hold tight to a rope while teachers at the new school in Thorncliffe Park guide them up wide and shallow stairs and into one of the 26 big, bright classrooms where everything - except the toilets - is spacious yet kiddie-sized. Continue Reading...




All day Kindergarten

Schools looking outside to inspire students

No walls. No desks. No pencils and paper. The kids in Michelle Cain's Grade 1 class are learning math in the sandbox.

Ms. Cain fills a styrofoam cup with sand, and the group of five- and six-year-olds - at times easily distracted by the natural impulse to build sandcastles - add more cups of sand to make 10. They are learning basic addition, but their afternoon spent in this outdoor classroom at Hillcrest Public School in Barrie, Ont., is giving them a leg up in more ways than one. "There's so much stuff we can use in this classroom to help us learn," Ms. Cain tells her class.Continue Reading...