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Environmental Inquiry

Environmental Inquiry
Environmental Inquiry is an overarching approach to Environmental Education that combines Inquiry-based Learning, Experiential Learning, Integrated Learning, and Stewardship in a dynamic and cohesive four-branch pedagogical framework. It is based on a transformative vision of education, one that seeks to develop not only skilled and knowledgeable students, but also, environmentally and socially-conscious world citizens with a love of learning.


Launch of Natural Curiosity

The launch of Natural Curiosity in May 2011 was a celebration of environmental inquiry and students' natural curiosity that inspired teachers and educators from a variety of backgrounds. Internationally-acclaimed photography artist, Edward Burtynsky, emphasizes the importance of fostering students' innate curiosity, and the role of integration and a truly interdisciplinary approach to teaching environmental education. Dr. David Suzuki, award-winning geneticist, environmentalist, and broadcaster, applauds Natural Curiosity's inquiry-based lens, and highlights that young children's connection with nature is essential in building communities that ask questions and search for solutions.


Enviromental Inquiry

What is environmental inquiry? Beginning with a question about waste, this video chronicles an exploration of garbage and its undeniable consequences for our environment. How can students' interests be extended? What can integrated learning look like? And how can inquiry result in stewardship? This short video captures what student-driven environmental inquiry can look like!